(PITTSBURGH)—Investcore Media provides spotlight on Next Realm AI, an emerging Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) research lab and corporate venture firm located in New York City.

Next Realm AI is a New York-based research hub focused on the commercial development of next generation technologies such as artificial intelligence, data analytics, quantum computing, space research, and cybersecurity.

Given the explosion of new AI startups since the launch of ChatGPT, Next Realm AI is positioning itself to take advantage of the coming boom in AI stocks through the formation of major AI research hub in Manhattan.

Services offered to small publicly traded companies:

  • Strategy consulting: help companies develop a strategic plan that leverages next generation technologies to achieve business goals.
  • Technology consulting: help companies select, implement, and use next generation technologies to improve business operations.
  • Data analytics: help companies collect, analyze, and interpret data to make better business decisions.

As an IBM Partner Plus member, Next Realm AI looks to leverage IBM’s wide range of AI and Security products for small public company clients to help increase their shareholder value.

Venture Funding Services

AI Venturetech, the parent company of Next Realm AI, is a growing network of investment bankers, venture capital, and individual qualified investors who have specific interest in the emerging AI sector.

The Company’s goal is to provide business consulting and investment banking services to small emerging public and private AI startups through its network of New York institutional investors.

In a research note to subscribers they reiterated their bullish outlook for AI investments, and how members within their investor network can gain exclusive access to new public and private AI projects.

The Company has stated their plan to take their company public through an investment banking firm to build AI Venturetech into one of New York’s top venture and corporate finance firms.

About Next Realm AI

Next Realm AI is a New York based research lab and consulting firm focused on commercial development of next generation technologies such as artificial intelligence, data analytics, quantum computing, and cybersecurity. www.nextrealm.ai

About AI Venturetech

AI Venturetech, Inc. is a New York-based consulting firm specializing in the cutting-edge technology fields of artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and cybersecurity. We assist in providing our clients with a comprehensive range of services, including investment banking solutions. With an extensive network of institutional investors, we offer unparalleled access to capital and investment opportunities in the Artificial Intelligence industry.  www.aiventuretech.com

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