(NEW YORK) – In the ever-changing world of social media, Instagram Threads has emerged as Meta’s self-proclaimed contender in the microblogging arena, supposedly offering a comparable experience to Twitter’s concise and real-time format. With its touted unique features and design, Threads promises users a fresh approach to connection, updates, and engagement within their network.

In this article we critically explore he essential details of Instagram Threads and whether it genuinely lives up to its proclaimed competition with Twitter.

Instagram Threads: A Strategic Move or a Desperate Attempt?

Instagram Threads was introduced by Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, as a dedicated messaging app aiming to foster more intimate conversations among close friends and family. Although marketed as a response to the rising popularity of private messaging, Threads could also be seen as a strategic move to keep users within the Meta ecosystem. The question arises: Is this an innovative step or merely a desperate attempt to maintain user engagement?

Tailored Exclusivity: Or Is It an Echo Chamber?

Threads encourages users to curate their experience by focusing on their “Close Friends” list, emphasizing a sense of exclusivity. While this may create a more intimate space for sharing, it also raises concerns about fostering echo chambers and limiting diverse perspectives. Are users truly connecting with a broader network, or are they trapped in an isolated bubble of like-minded individuals? 

Disappearing Messages:

Emphasizing privacy and security, Threads incorporates a disappearing messages feature. This functionality enables users to send ephemeral messages, ensuring that conversations remain private and temporary in nature. Users can set a timer for messages to self-destruct after they have been viewed, enhancing the sense of confidentiality within the app. However, skeptics might question whether these ephemeral messages truly provide a secure environment. Can users trust that their conversations are truly private, or is there a lingering doubt about the true extent of data retention and potential leaks?

Some complaints too soon to arise are the difficulties in adding emojis (too many steps) But  MOST importantly Threads  falls short when it comes to effectively utilizing hashtags, which happens to be a significant aspect of social media engagement. Unlike Twitter, where hashtags play a vital role in organizing conversations and reaching a wider audience, Threads fails to leverage the power of hashtags. By neglecting the use of hashtags, Threads misses out on the opportunity to connect users with relevant topics and communities, hindering the ability to discover new content and expand their network. Hashtags are crucial for increasing visibility, facilitating discussions, and fostering engagement, making their absence in Threads a notable drawback that limits its potential for broader social media interactions.

In short – #NoHhashtagsNoDice. Threads feels thrown together, lazy and lacks vision. 

It’s hard not to be apathetic about Meta’s new product, because: It’s basically mediocre Twitter. 



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